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Hi There! Thank you for stopping by House Full of Pecks! My name is Ashley and my life is a mixture of faith, family, pretty patterns, laughter, silliness, DIY, and yummy food.

{Our Story} I am married to my Prince Charming! We met 6 years ago studying in Oxford. He swept me away with his English charm, his gorgeous accent, and his love for Jesus. We have been married for 4 years and relocated last year to Boulder, Colorado. Our first year here we bought a house, drove through multiple blizzards, and rescued two adorable pups.

He Loves me Dearly

{Our Family} Miss Bennett (our 3 yr old american bulldog) has grown from a scared, shy and unapproachable dog to a cuddly, lovable dog who brightens up each and everyday. Gatsby is our wild one yr old mutt and I have never seen a happier dog. He plays hide and seek and makes me laugh all the time.

{Our Calling} Adoption has been a part of my heartsong since highschool and am so blessed that I found a husband who can hear that same tune. I know its risky and terrifying and costly but its beautiful and wonderful and exciting as well. We cannot wait to bring our babies home…in the end everything is worth it for your children (ain’t that the truth). Join us as we embark on this beautiful and terrifying journey to grow our family through adoption, one peck at a time.

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  1. Hi Ashley! My husband and I are just starting the adoption process. We also live in Colorado, currently in Broomfield. Our friends from church are starting an adoption group, so far we only have 3 couples attending but if you’re interested, we would love to meet you guys. My phone number is 505-720-7345. It would be wonderful having a community of friends who are going through the same journey.


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